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– our best selection of handpicked DJs from Switzerland with professional equipment for sound and light for your wedding party!

Here you will find only hand-picked and personally audited DJs. CEO Mario Di Pietro himself is on the road every week as a DJ at events and weddings and knows what really matters. The DJ Nerds team was purposefully put together from DJs from Switzerland, who not only convince with their musical abilities, but also bring along important characteristics such as discrete appearance, quick comprehension and helpfulness. Quality and exclusivity are guaranteed with our DJs. The DJ team meets regularly to expand the common sound library and to keep up to date with trends, the latest technology and innovations. The DJ selection that you find on the site, you will find exclusively with us.

Regarding wedding DJ we recommend you to have a look at our page specializing in wedding music.

Wedding DJs & Event DJ fri Switzerland – DJ Nerds

All of our musicians specialize in weddings

Dear customer, as you have probably noticed by now, wedding preparations are an incredible amount of work. The wide range of options doesn’t make this any easier. Of course, everyone presents themselves from their best side. We are no different there either. But who is the right one for you? We would like to provide you with some facts here.


1. Promises: illegal work, seriousness, technology, teamwork

Often this is promised, but few can guarantee it! For this, the musicians / DJs have to be employed by the agency that makes the promise. This means that quality management and corporate culture can also be maintained. However, 90% of the agencies only act as intermediaries for independent DJs. The agency offers the musician an advertising space, collects a commission from the agency and that’s it. Of course, many good musicians are represented in such agencies. Most advertise on different pages. As one of the few providers on the market, we guarantee you: the musicians on our website can only be found exclusively with us and they are all employed by us.

2. Music, discretion, experience

Musicians and especially DJs are often small or large self-promoters, which is indispensable for the club. For many, it is difficult to abandon this behavior for a wedding and slip into the role of the service provider. Often you can already see this in the clothes, over- or underdressed. The reason why so many DJs still have weddings is due to the fact that less and less can be earned in the clubs. For many, weddings are therefore only a means to an end. We have been setting standards in this area since our foundation in 2013. Our smaller selection of DJs has to do with the fact that we check very carefully who we hire and the hurdles are extremely high. Every single one of our musicians / DJ is passionate about what they do.

3. Events, prices and their comparability

Anyone who tries to compare the service of a wedding DJ and a club DJ using factors such as attendance time, equipment or non-obvious fixed costs has not understood that apples and pears should not be compared. Among the events, the wedding is a unique exotic, which in our opinion deserves specialization. Flat rates make perfect sense.

4. Marketing and purchased references

Finally, here is a hot topic. As a customer you have to be aware that everyone can write what they want on their homepage. The bigger the budget, the better the texts and promises. Also, 95% of blog posts are paid editorial advertising, and awards such as awards are given to those who register for them and pay expensive participation fees. etc. If you want the most reliable information possible about a service provider, we recommend that you look for personal references. So don’t fall for fakes.

Our DJ team


Concerning packages we make a clear statement: If you find a cheaper package offer (photo box included) we adjust our price accordingly.


  • hand-picked, professional DJs for every occasion
  • including light and sound system
  • individual packages with unbeatable prices (also with live music or Photo Booth)

DJ mediation to complete musical entertainment for event, corporate party, party, birthday and wedding. For discerning background music to rousing party music – The right ambience for aperitifs, dinners, events, congresses, dance events and much more. High quality equipment in light and sound are included in the price.

DJ for party / DJ for weddings / DJ for events…

…with the music styles you want to hear.

Regardless of whether you prefer your event in terms of genre or style – thanks to the latest technology and excellent networking, we are always prepared for everything spontaneously on site. You decide how much you want to specify in advance or leave open.

Are you only interested in the motto and the associated ambience? Or do you already have a clear idea of ​​which musical styles you have in the program or which you do not want to have? Or do you even hand us a wish list with your top hits that we should pack into an atmospheric arrangement for you? We look forward to hearing about your ideas and are happy to be your reliable partner for the music at your next party.

wedding music & music für party and events

Our passion is to inspire you with our music! With professionalism and high quality standards, we help ensure that no wishes are left unfulfilled – the customer is king. To this professionalism belongs a discrete appearance and the ability to put the special moments musically perfect in scene. In addition, you can rely on the helpful and solution-oriented actions of all our DJs and musicians.

Professionalism is already evident in the preparation phase

During the planning of an important event such as a company party, a wedding or a special birthday, there are understandably always questions and the need for suggestions from professionals during the planning phase. Nothing is more important than good accessibility and a quick response time. DJ NERDS also work efficiently and with clear structures in terms of the preparation phase in order to guarantee you as a customer a smooth process and clear information in advance.

Our transparency begins with the disclosure of our prices. Our prices for party, event & wedding DJ as individual bookings but also for the most popular packages with live music and / or photo booth are publicly visible for you on our website under DJ prices and packages.

The light & sound equipment included in the price can be found under: DJ equipment. Extras are easily possible. We would be happy to advise you in this regard.

Berne – Zurich, Switzerland & Europe

Looking for an event DJ or DJ for a wedding? But your party will take place in distant Ticino, Valais, deep Grisons or maybe even in neighboring countries? No problem – our DJs are all mobile and travel for you including equipment to your desired location. You can also find guidelines for any additional costs on our price page or let us advise you without obligation.

An overview of your advantages

  • musically “carefree everything from one source”
  • Exclusive! Specialized DJs for events & weddings which are only available from us.
  • Emergency musician (there was still no event that we had to cancel)
  • Personal support and individual advice from the first contact.
  • Unbeatable value for money. (No deposit, invoice after the event.)
  • The latest technology can be individually adapted (partner
  • Unique packages.

Tips from the DJ

Benefit from our experience and collect interesting tips on the subject of music and DJs at events, company celebrations, weddings, parties, birthdays and more in our DJ blog! Schweiz Logo Hochzeitsmusik

The right music for every moment.

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