PRIZES for wedding, party & event DJ

As far as packages are concerned, we make a clear statement: If you find a cheaper offer, (photo box included) we adjust our price accordingly.


  • VAT obligatory
  • concrete price quotations / or offer
  • equivalent equipment
  • same presence time
  • equivalent service quality

Quality is not subjective, but the demand for quality is. Of course, it does not always have to be the best. But if it has to be the best for you, you will find it with us too.

  • Light
    from CHF2250
    • A
    • A
    • B
    • B
    • B
    • B


  • Every DJ booking includes high quality equipment. You do not need to organize anything regarding technology.

DJ prices (including light & sound equipment )

Cost of Wedding DJ, Event DJ, Party DJ

We are looking forward to send you our detailed offer according to your request.

Important informations

  • Travel expenses CHF 1.65 / km for outward journey (km calculation from material store 3001 Bern according to Google Maps) and are also for packages calculated for only 1 artist (saving 50%).
  • Songs out of repertoire may cost CHF 100 .- / song
  • From a certain distance, a place to stay for the musicians must be guaranteed. (As a guideline applies: From 150km (1.5h) way back & end feast 02: 00+.)
  • For the single booking of the DJ for the evening the total attendance time of the DJ is from 18:00 to 02:00 o’clock. Surcharge for extension (without interruption and for every half hour):
    • 70 .- / h (before 18:00 o’clock, does not apply to packages (see table Packages))
    • 100 .- / h (after 02:00 o’clock)
Best Price Garantie DJ

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