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Wedding DJ

DJ for wedding wanted?

Here your DJ search is ended. djnerds.ch works in a small and exclusive team of professionals. At weddings, there is no room for self-presentation as a wedding DJ and that starts with the preparation. We are very well connected with each other, exchange information regularly at meetings and manage a common database. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and networking, we are able to fulfill 99% of your music wishes spontaneously or even spontaneously organize a karaoke session.

Regardless of your wishes, our wedding DJ’s are prepared for anything. No one knows exactly where such an evening can lead: intergenerational variability, ethnically and culturally adapted, atmosphere also to sing along and be happy-nostalgic or club feeling with ecstatic highlights. Make all your (music) wishes come true with a DJ Nerd.

DJ search? We do not leave anything to chance

Just as diverse as the bride and groom are, is the claim to the music. As a wedding DJ just when you think, you have already seen and heard everything, or know what works or not, you will be taught a lesson. Every party is different and therefore we never rely on our experience. “Flair and the right tools” is the name of the game. That’s exactly what we specialize in and that is appreciated by our customers.

Impression & Inspiration

How do we work?

The work of our wedding DJ starts long before the wedding begins. We prepare for the desired music program at your celebration and do not leave anything to chance. Our wedding DJs stand in contact to each other, so you benefit from a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge. Our company has a common database in which each of our wedding DJs enters his music. For this reason, at any wedding the rented wedding DJ can resort to an extensive music collection and fulfill almost every individual music wish of the guests. Our modern technology and the networking of all wedding DJs among each other, ensures an extraordinary high degree of musical diversity and creates the framework for the perfect performance on your special day. A wedding DJ booked with us will always accompany each bridal couple individually and with a lot of sensitiveness. Knowing the human nature is just as important as musical talent. Each of our wedding DJs has developed a sense of playing the right song at the right moment. Talent and good training and specialization prepare a wedding DJ for every situation – because no one knows in advance what the wedding DJ has to expect. Especially due to different generations and diverse music tastes it requires a high variability in music selection. Our wedding DJs knows how to fulfill every individual wish. Whether Pop, Standard, Classic, Evergreens or Electro – we fulfill your music wishes at your wedding in Switzerland and neighboring countries. On our website we have described each of our wedding DJs in detail with its features – just chose your favorite!

What’s different with our DJs?

Just like our other artists, the wedding DJ are also hand-picked. Each of them has experience as a professional DJ and excellent skills. From our wedding DJs is to be expected: flexibility, openness, professionalism, excellent manners, best equipment.

What you do not find at our DJ: The need for self-expression or allure!


Our ambition is at all times the optimal level in acoustics. This means that you can expect equipment for at least SFR 10’000.– (calculated without instruments like piano or guitar). As standard included: Lights and sound exposure for up 180 pers..We will be happy to advise you in this aspect!

At this we are working with professional partners. www.powerhouse.ch


DJ & live vocal show

With the offer “DJ & singer” you no longer have to choose between a wedding DJ and the band. Here we combine the advantages of the flexibility of the DJ and the live feeling of live music at the highest level.

Wedding DJ

searching for wedding offers and packages (with wedding singers, wedding bands and more)? Then visit our wedding music homepage wedding-voice.ch.

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The right music for every moment.

Do not hesitate. Demand is high. We would be delighted to enrich your wedding!

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